Warm all Year Round


Jamaica enjoys typical Caribbean weather: 80’s and 90’s by day and 70’s at night. Winter and summer variance is only 10 degrees. It is more likely to rain in May/June and September/October than in other months. Dress is casual. Coats, ties and expensive jewelry are not appropriate. In winter months, you may need a cotton sweater after sunset. Do take mosquito repellent and sun screen!

Carribbean beach

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US dollars are accepted island wide. Exchange rates vary if you choose to purchase Jamaican dollars. Most commercial establishments, including grocery and liquor stores, accept credit cards. There are also ATM machines everywhere. Staff and driver gratuities, however, must be paid in cash.

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Tourism is Jamaica’s leading industry, so reserve flights early. Your destination is Montego Bay (MJB). Air Canada, American, Continental, Delta, British Air, Northwest, United, USAir, Jet Blue and Virgin Atlantic are major carriers. Several charters operate from the East Coast, the Midwest and Europe. A new private plane terminal enables expedited Immigration and Customs clearance for our private plane passengers. Proof of citizenship will be required with a valid passport. Check with your airlines about details, including luggage.

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